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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-30
Gravity casting machine is often used to produce aluminium alloy casting products, so also known as aluminum alloy gravity casting machine. In the use of aluminum alloy casting, gravity casting machine production is not in conformity with the relevant standards of the casting will inevitably occur. At the time of acceptance of the casting products, the workers want to know the relevant standards of the casting is, bo Jo will take you to take a look. The workers at the time of acceptance of gravity casting machine to produce castings, you first look at the casting surface is defective, is there any bubbles, cold insulation and breakage, and so on and so forth, and depends on the size of the casting, parameter is in line with the requirements. If these problems, the casting can be used directly. Do not accord with standard of related casting gravity casting machine casting production, need to be returned to the factory after processing can continue to use, otherwise it may lead to the workpiece for casting is not in conformity with the requirements to use on the product after influence the normal use of the products. Bo Joe 14 years specializing in the production of casting equipment, can be customized for clients of casting equipment and mould, etc. , if necessary, welcome to inquire.
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