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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-30
Familiar with casting-machine.html' target='_blank'>gravity casting machine should all know, tilt pouring of gravity casting machine makes the product orientation of high precision, strong balance and type of high precision, which can produce all kinds of complicated castings. But because of the influence of factors such as technology or material manufacturing forming of aluminum casting surface is rough. In order to meet the use requirements, such as alkali corrosion products, and to improve the surface quality of aluminum castings. Between due to metal compounds and other inclusions exist, organization loose caused by chemical composition segregation phenomenon such as uneven, after casting cooling without the oxide film formation, the influence of such factors as aluminium casting surface is rough. And alkali treatment can improve the problem. But should pay attention to control the alkali corrosion time. If short alkali corrosion time, aluminum castings may not be completely divided; But if the time is too long, can cause corrosion products, leading to the dimension of tolerance. So choose after casting in a casting to alkali treatment, surface quality has been improved, this not only can prevent various problems caused by alkali corrosion. After the introduction of Joe, now you know that the aluminum gravity casting machine casting surface treatments do?
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