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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-29
In producing aluminum alloy gravity casting machine casting, heat treatment may be required, because only after heat treatment can ensure the forming effect of make it better. Then you know what is the distinguishing feature of this kind of heat treatment? Methods of choosing heat treatment are the same? And Joe together to get to know. Because aluminum alloy gravity casting process will be a larger grain organization appeared, and at the time of casting it need longer time to solid solution treatment to the grain group, so that made the finished product is ideal, but at the time of heat treatment to choose easier to control the temperature of the heating furnace and related instrument for temperature monitoring and proper adjustment. Not aluminum alloy gravity casting machine casting heat treatment are the same, because in the process of aluminum alloy casting, the chemical composition of aluminum on the inside is different, so, at the time of heat treatment also need to combined with the specific ingredients to choose appropriate methods, and strengthen the aspects will be different. To control the heating temperature of heat treatment, as well as to choose the right means of heat treatment.
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