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Aluminum gravity casting machine casting considerations on cooling

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-21
Aluminum gravity casting machine in the production of casting application scope is quite widespread, for casting process is very much also, different casting according to the performance of different manufacturers need, its processing method is different also, but the casting cooling process is one of the indispensable process. Today we talk about the casting during cooling down, need to pay attention to what? Before casting for cooling, to look at the temperature of each part of the casting are the same, if the temperature is the same, the cooling process will not lead to deformation of castings, etc. If the temperature difference is bigger, the parts of the casting castings in the process of continuous cooling and thick wall partial seizure phase change and increase the volume, because is in elastic state, thin wall part will be the inner elastic stretching, and constitute a tensile stress. And the thick wall part is the outer elastic tightening of compressive stress. The result is that the cooling process led to the aluminum alloy gravity casting machine to produce castings of wall thickness is uneven, and even the whole quality of castings appear problem, so the castings in carries on the cooling process, the necessary to pay attention to the temperature of cooling when casting parts are the same, whether there is a larger temperature difference, avoid the cooling process affects the quality of castings. Say so many, do you understand? If there is doubt can dial the telephone contact us, to learn more information about the casting!
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