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aluminum engine bracket making machine low pressure die casting machine

aluminum engine bracket making machine low pressure die casting machine
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Brand Name:BOQIAO
Model Number:BQ-J452-2
Dimension(L*W*H):1000*900*900 working size
Warranty:One Year
Weight:5.6 ton
After-sales Service Provided:Overseas service center available
Power:35.5 kw
Material:Nodular cast iron QT 500
Feature:High quality and automatic
Application:Precision casting industry
Furnace capacity:200 kg
Service:Consultation and turnkey project
Free Sample:No




Low pressure die casting machine advantages:

Liquid metal filling is stable and speed is controllable.Avoiding turbulence,impact,spatter.Reducing roll gas and oxidation.

Metal has good fluidity to help thin-walled parts forming a clear and smooth surface casting.

The liquid solidify under pressure,and the feeding effect is good.So the die casting structure is dense,and the mechanical properties are high.

Low pressure casting gating system is simple,don’t need set up the riser.So the process yield is high.Like the car engine and aluminum cylinder head,it has over 85% utilization rate.

Easy to implement mechanization and automation.


Low pressure die casting machine applicable field

Auto industry:aluminum wheel hub,engine cylinder block and head,gearbox housing,brake caliper,engine bracket,knuckle,turbine shell,mechanically pressurized rotor,SUV footboard ……

New energy car:The motor shell,motor flange,battery holder,brake compressor,wheel hub,brake caliper ……

Electric power fitting:High pressure tanks(connector),suspension clamp,strain clamp,wedge clamp ……

Hydraulic fitting:Gear pump housing,fluid couping……

Military accessories:Chassis parts,aircraft radome,missile castings,bomb shell,control housing……

High-speed rail accessories:gearbox housing,ratchet pulley……

Textile industry:Flywheel,gearbox housing,other structural member……

Lockset:Anodized door handle……

Valve parts:Valve body,gearbox body,actuator housing,flowmeter……

Industrial robot:Substrate,paragraphs arm……

Fans:Vane,wheel hub,integral wheel……

Small engine:Motorcycle cylinder block and head,oil saw engine,mower engine……

Coffee machine heater,electric iron heater,pancake heater,aluminum sand pot,aluminum pot stone bowl,sharing stand,air conditioning compressor main body……






The product will definitely benefit industries which initially rely on numerous human operators. The use of it helps manufacturers cut significant labor costs. The product has the advantage of high rigidity. The use of this product is beneficial to both workers and manufacturers. It promotes workers to reduce work fatigue and reduce unnecessary human capital costs for manufacturers. The product has the advantage of high rigidity.
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