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Aluminum alloy material is the aluminum alloy gravity casting machine equipment?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-21
Aluminum gravity casting machine, see this keyword may be a lot of people don't understand, might think of gravity casting machine is aluminum alloy material? In fact this is not aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy below small make up to introduce the basic situation of this product. Casting gravity casting machine is a kind of production equipment, and aluminum alloy gravity casting machine many said the device is aluminum alloy material, but said it is a production of aluminum alloy casting foundry equipment. It through the casting of aluminium alloy liquid into the mould, so, under the action of gravity, molding production. So, confidential with what material of the aluminum alloy gravity casting mould? In general there are three: 45 # steel, nodular cast iron and the H13 steel. Three kinds of materials can be customized, specific see the needs of customers.
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