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Aluminum alloy gravity casting machine, which can be rotated - gravity casting machine Casting machinery equipment factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-02
Gravity casting machine in aluminum alloy foundry industry as one of the indispensable kind of casting equipment, it can be used to produce a lot of industry production, such as used to produce medical equipment, tableware, automobile parts, electrical accessories, etc. We know that the principle of gravity casting machine is gravity casting production, but you know the main structural characteristics of gravity casting machine? And Joe together to get to know. Support the gravity casting machine production of the main structure parts are main DingGang, vertical electric box, turnover oil cylinder and flip module, under a discharging module, clamping module. Such as gravity casting machine can be 0 90 degree turn, rely on to flip, flip module can inclination flip module, so the orientation precision of gravity casting machine, balance type, high accuracy, is advantageous to the processing production, improve the quality and yield of the castings. Important structure of gravity casting machine supporting the production work of gravity casting machine, gravity casting machine structure also determines the good application effect of actual use. As a large-scale production equipment, manufacturers have on the subsequent use and maintenance of gravity casting machine also need to pay attention to. Bo Jo would use for customer's technical staff and the matters needing attention and maintenance training, look forward to you can be the client of Joe.
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