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by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-02
Joe aluminum alloy gravity casting machine in daily production process, in order to guarantee the quality of the castings produced stable, usually keep production gravity casting mold temperature changes in the process of constant. So every production of a product, wait for gravity casting mold temperature cooled to a certain temperature and casting. Do you know what usually adopt aluminum alloy gravity casting machine production methods cooling mold? Because natural cooling method needs a long time, this will reduce the production efficiency, usually adopt the method of forced cooling to cool the gravity casting moulds. There are three kinds of cooling method, air cooling, indirect water cooling and water cooling directly. Air is the cooling, strengthen the convection to the cooling effect, the advantage of this method is simple in structure, easy to make, but the effect is not good enough. Indirect water cooling is to point to in the back of the mold or local place water jacket for cooling, this method is some casting production can not be fierce cooling, otherwise easy to increase the casting defects. Direct water cooling is directly in the water jacket water for cooling, the shortcomings of this method is high cost, is only applicable to mass production.
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