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Aluminum alloy gravity casting machine, which can be rotated gravity casting machine - Casting machinery equipment factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-01
Gravity casting castings are used in many industries, such as production of medical equipment, tableware, automobile parts, electrical accessories, etc. , can be said to be the way of casting foundry industry production casting now,. Although gravity casting machine production casting quality is better than sand casting production, but in fact the casting quality can ascend, let bo Joe to tell you how to improve it. Casting manufacturers have to willing to invest in the production of the mold, because quality and design of gravity casting mould for casting production such as casting has a big impact. When using gravity casting machine production should have scientific management, also should have strict operating system during operation, in order to avoid problems and maintain the stability of production. For gravity casting machine performance to check every day, so as to ensure the stability of the gravity casting machine, to ensure the accuracy of the production of castings, etc. In gravity casting machine production is also must pay attention to the control of raw materials in the process of smelting, such as the internal structure of the material and pouring temperature, we will strictly according to the control plan of operation parameters, improve the stability of the production of castings.
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