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Aluminum alloy casting way to prevent the crack

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-12
Aluminum alloy casting prevent methods: 1. Po to Joe casting of aluminium alloy castings was improved, the structure of the design to prevent sharp corners, force wall thickness must be uniform and smooth transition; 2. To properly reduce the pouring temperature; 3. Type of mold cooling out time must be controlled; 4. Hot correction method is adopted to improve the deformation of the casting; 5. For the processing of heat treatment temperature must be correct, and cooling of quenching speed must be reduced. Oxidation slag defect features: surface are on gradual oxidation slag, in the corner parts of the mould stuffy. Its fracture by X-ray, in machining or in alkaline cleaning, acid pickling or anodized can notice that it is mostly appear gray or yellow. Porosity and bubble defect features: round or oval is in three casting wall porosity, its surface is very smooth, oxygen skin is shiny, usually present oil yellow it for a while. By sandblasting, bubble can be found on the surface of the blowhole and by light perspective or mechanical processing can be found within the pores and bubbles on the X-ray film is appear black. Shrinkage defect features: near the sprue, fly riser root thick large parts of the produced aluminum casting shrinkage, but also produce the wall adapter and the Pacific Ocean to the thickness of thin wall. Gray is the time to fracture in as-cast, cloud-like on both X-ray film buff after heat treatment, pale yellow or a film, such as macro fracture by X-ray or fluorescence method can be found serious filamentous shrinkage. The characteristics of crack defects: 1. With the casting crack, its crack is formed under high temperature, generally easy to occur in large volume shrinkage of alloy, and is under the condition of complex shaped castings. 2. With heat crack: appear transgranular cracks, the original because of burnt or overheating caused by heat treatment. This article from Joe equipment technology co. , LTD. , reprint please indicate the source! Joe casting mold information more
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