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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-21
China's manufacturing industry has been in sustainable development, as it has good plasticity, corrosion resistance and other characteristics of aluminum alloy casting are also develops along with the development of the foundry industry. Specific arrangements for aluminium alloy casting machine is divided into casting machine, gravity casting machine and pressure while they are with the machine for aluminium alloy casting process, but the difference is very big, let bo Joe under analysis for you. Aluminum gravity casting machine is refers to the liquid aluminum in the downstream to the earth's gravity gravity casting mould machine, gravity casting mold used steel as raw material, made of casting products are high strength, size, appearance, etc. We tend to use the internal complicated shape for gravity casting machine, Such as petrol oil gun) The parts of production. And aluminum alloy die casting machine is refers to the aluminum liquid in other external forces under the action of injection mould machine, the other does not include the gravity force, pressure casting machine was divided into high pressure and low pressure machine, high pressure die casting machine casting machine is our usually said. Pressure casting machine generally use more complex in the appearance, but internal simpler parts ( Such as gear box, etc. ) On the production.
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