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All you need to know about low-pressure die casting

All you need to know about low-pressure die casting


All you need to know about low-pressure die casting


The low pressure die casting is a method that uses pressure instead of gravity to fill the molds with molten metal like magnesium and aluminum. The holding furnace is located below the cast, and liquid metal is forced upside by the riser tube and into the cavity. Pressure gets applied constantly and sometimes with increasing increments for filling out mold and holding the metal in a single place within diet till it gets solidified. When the cast is solidified, the pressure gets released, and residual liquid left in the cavity or tube flows back to the holding furnace to recycle. When it gets cooled, casting can be removed easily. 


Advantages of using Low-Pressure Die Casting


This method even allows getting some control in the filling process. The injection of molten metal reduces the porosity and oxide formation by ensuring superior consistency from tip to toe. The Low-Pressure Die Casting technology has exceptionally strong values and density and even excellent dimensional accuracy. This method is fully suited to the simple, complex geometrics and symmetrical forms achieved by using sand core in molds. The advantage of any uncomplicated technology and machinery is that the low-Pressure Die Casting process has led to automation. 


Usage of Low-Pressure Die Casting in the auto industry


The automotive industry has even relied upon low-Pressure Die Casting for years to create high-quality, strong aluminum casts. However, the relatively slow casting process limits its usage to luxury cars in the automotive market, where higher costs and lower quantities are expected. Though successfully, it sought out ways to make this type of method even more cost-effective, for instance, making machines even larger but extra space-saving because of their construction. The automotive industry decreases the casting cycle time by up to 50 percent and makes low pressure casting an even better choice than before. 


Even though low-pressure casting is the best choice for all the automotive components like suspension parts, wheels, and engine blocks, non-automotive industries like machine building, pipe assembling, and electronics can even benefit from the low machine costs and exceptional quality, and the great volume yield. The cast aluminum’s thermal and electrical conductivity makes it an even better choice for all industries. 




This article has mentioned all about the low-pressure die casting process. Hope you can clear all your doubts regarding this process. Low pressure die casting process is considered the best option in the automotive market. 

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