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【 Action 】 How to prevent the stainless steel casting crack phenomenon?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-03
【 Action 】 How to prevent the stainless steel casting crack phenomenon? Two days before the anhui high-speed road 30 car pile-up events, accident caused more than a dozen people casualties, 21 people were injured, highway sudden cloud of fog weather, visibility to less than hundred meters, makes the collision. Accident issued, but let the deceased rest in peace, for the wounded. Perhaps, on the other hand also presents us a car safety and quality issues, vehicle quality problem cannot be separated from each & other; Organ & throughout; Coordination, of course, can be used for auto parts in stainless steel castings quality problems in foundry industry is also our most attention to link, 60 nanjing foundry co. , LTD. , focusing on the casting field several years, the quality is supreme, the good faith management idea has always been our behavior. Next, we'll discuss how to prevent stainless steel casting crack phenomenon? About the turbine's most crucial part selects the stainless steel castings, such as ZG06Cr13Ni4Mo, ZG06Cr16Ni5Mo, etc. This kind of function material casting is poorer, illiquid, shortening and line shortening is larger, the thermal stress is large, short crack. Once casting crack occurs, not only repair work is big, serious may also scrapped, constitute a serious economic loss. The happening of the casting crack elements mainly casting structure, such as casting process, choose the following method to prevent yield in general: 1, the structure of the casting foundry should fully consider when casting structure, shape, large, wall thickness and transition influence factors of liquid and solid shortening of castings, such as choosing the proper technological parameters, to prevent the shrinkage of casting defects such as shrinkage. Castings poured riser system design is reasonable, if you want to choose cold iron process methods, such as the site of setting to reasonable, both to ensure the casting internal arrangements of close sex, to meet as far as possible to prevent stress occurring again. 3, heat preservation heat preservation of the casting sand mold properly extended time, mainly control box temperature below 70 ℃, ensure full end of liquid and solid in the sand mold casting, prevent external elements meet the stress. 2, training, training process, as far as possible down the content of harmful elements such as P, S, drop N, H, O gas and inclusion content, etc. After selecting low phosphorus alloy steel center, can have very good effect. 4, shakeout in the process of casting sand consolidation, stop playing the box when watering the sand mould and casting, selection of stop hit box, strong external shocks method shakeout, to prevent the crack of the external force and the internal stress of the casting effect each other. 7, increasing annealing for severe stainless steel castings, a ultimately eliminate stress annealing process, strict control of heat preservation time and melt temperature. The intent is to cut in the process of producing new stress, more thoroughly eliminate the internal stress of castings, prevent the crack. 5, cut riser according to casting conditions to choose the appropriate hot cut poured riser process method, ensure hot cutting temperature is not lower than 300 ℃. Operation, gas cutting and blowing oxygen pipe vibration cutting. Important thing in a timely manner after gas cutting with asbestos cloth cover every mouth or into the furnace heat treatment. About the champions league and the axial flow blades category structure clutter, craft adopt special method of casting, selects the second hot cutting. 6, preheating on stainless steel castings defect processing, to insist on the principle of preheating. When blowing process, welding process, the workpiece to preheat to 108 ℃ or more before operation. If discover the larger crack defects, should be conducted to stress relieving, again for processing. '' '', this article comes from: nanjing foundry co. , LTD. Nanjing foundry co. , LTD is a highly market competitiveness of cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel castings and profile production base. More details, can online advice! Or dial the hotline: 020-86 22139325
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