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About the size of the gravity casting machine and the superiority of some simple instructions

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-24
Release date: 2019 10 - 26 clicks: 144 bo Joe gravity casting captain specification is 1090 * 600 mm wide, can be placed the mold size is 600 * 800, so in terms of size, its operational elasticity is very big. The workbench is rotated Angle 0 90 degrees, speed can be manually adjusted according to the processing needs. So, bo Joe gravity casting machine what's the characteristics and advantages of it? Can be in two ways. First, because can tilt Angle is adjusted, so its high orientation precision, balance type and high accuracy; Second, the production processing, the exhaust gas and the liquid metal filling mould, can be helpful for processing production, since this can improve the quality and yield of castings, reduce bad product, cost savings. Gravity casting machine is indispensable in the casting of aluminium alloy casting industry equipment, its USES include medical apparatus and instruments, daily utensils, automotive industry, household appliances, electronic products, etc. In the industry or product manufacturing, and many parts are by gravity casting machine to produce.
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