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About the inferior ball mill liner, resolutely say NO!

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-02
Eliminate inferior fittings in the 60 years of development, pay attention to each link of production, the factory in ball mill liner is must carry on the strict quality inspection, this not only brings our lining good sales, also bring good market recognition, especially in this era of safety is more important than day, Ball mill liner 】 Safety performance is more wide praise market, it also established the leading position in the industry. With manufacturing, sales, after-sales, one-stop service for the purpose, the whole home service for every customer, one on the door installation guide training. Establish long-term cooperation partners, we would like to excellent quality, professional and meticulous service to promote your success, each other to create a beautiful tomorrow! Nanjing foundry co. , LTD. , the history of professional strength and modern management mode to achieve the excellent complementary and fusion, through constant innovation and development, now has luxuriant turned, coruscate gives new vitality, casting products with annual production heat resistant, wear resistant cast steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel casting, grey iron castings, ductile iron parts, stainless steel castings and all kinds of large and medium-sized castings 80000 tons of capacity, is the domestic market competitiveness of the cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel castings and profile production base. Tel: 020-86 22139325
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