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About aluminum alloy gravity casting machine working steps and process principle is explained

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-24
Aluminum gravity casting machine to produce a casting has several steps? Many people may not very clear, so small make up explain to everyone today! The first step is to make high temperature resistant hollow mold, kuntai the die mold is generally three kinds of materials: 45 steel and H13 steel, nodular cast iron. The second step is to create a good mould workbench is put in the aluminum alloy gravity casting machine, will melt good high temperature metal liquid injected into the hollow mould; The third step start aluminum alloy gravity casting machine, get the desired casting. The fourth step grinding, make products more smooth and beautiful. Summarized, mainly aluminum alloy gravity casting machine main points vertical electric box, turnover oil cylinder, DingGang, flip module, clamping module, under a discharging module 6 modules. Its theory is under the action of gravity, the gravity casting moulds in liquid aluminum solidification molding, to produce high quality products.
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