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0 to 90 degrees rotated gravity casting machine have what advantage?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-27
Release date: 2020 05 - 15 clicks: 49, as the name implies, can tilt means in the process of casting, aluminum gravity casting machine were rotated cylinder, under the action of the adjustment of the Angle can be 'capricious'. What's wayward? Starting point of view, termination mould opening Angle and the Angle of the different process and different products can be a foundation to do the corresponding adjustment. The adjustment that is not what the product with the same Angle the same process, the product is set in stone. Bo Joe aluminum alloy gravity casting machine to avoid the same. So it is popular in the market, what hardware factory, farming machinery equipment factory, aerospace, high-speed rail, tableware manufacturers of these products are very like. Can be tilted type aluminum alloy gravity casting machine is a kind of gravity casting machine, which also bo Joe's elite. The uninitiated, is probably the name is a bit long, but for starters, it is very a product market competitiveness.
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